Getting started

This package includes everything you need to build a wallet application on Aergo. It is useful for other kinds of dapps, too.

In contrary to @herajs/client, which includes just the API client and useful classes and helpers, @herajs/wallet includes managers that can keep, coordinate, and optionally persist state.


  • Manage keys
  • Easy to use interface for sending transactions
  • Track accounts for new transactions (using a full node or other external APIs)
  • Sign and verify
  • Integrates with storages (supported out of the box: IndexedDB (for browsers), LevelDB (for Node.js), and in-memory storage)


All calls go through an instance of Wallet. Wallet keeps references to the different managers and offers shortcut functions.

import { Wallet } from '@herajs/wallet';
const wallet = new Wallet();

// wallet.accountManager
// wallet.keyManager
// wallet.transactionManager

// Configure chain
    chainId: 'testnet.localhost',
    nodeUrl: ''

// Set up account and key
const account = await wallet.accountManager.createAccount();

// Build tx
const tx = {
    from: account.address,
    to: account.address,
    amount: '1 aergo'

// Send
let txTracker = await wallet.sendTransaction(account, tx);

// Wait for block confirmation
txTracker.on('block', (tx) => {